Registered Member of Funeral Business Association in Hong Kong SAR: A033
About Us

Choi Fook Sau was founded in 1975 in the Chinese name of “財福壽” which is situated in Hung Hom, Kowloon, and renamed as “才福壽”. At the forefront of the funeral industry for close to five decades, Choi Fook Sau provides one-stop and all-rounded funeral service at fair prices, guiding bereaved families through funeral procedures and ceremonies, assisting them in completing the funeral.
We provide funeral service of all kinds based on the religious preference of the deceased and their family members, including cremation ceremony, coffin burial ceremony, burial ceremony in the home jurisdiction, etc. Choi Fook Sau also specialises in a range of religious procedures such as meritorious ceremony for the deceased including Taoist worship ceremony (道教打齋) and Buddhist worship ceremony (頌經禮佛); transfer service for the deceased or cremated ashes into and out of Hong Kong for conducting funeral; as well as cremation of exhumed remains (for coffin burial), placement of cremated ashes in the columbarium, and tombstone placement ceremony. We offer all types of funeral-related necessities such as coffin, Chinese scripture embroidery quilt, longevity quilt, cloth of condolence, urn, etc.

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