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Buddhist Worship Ceremony

Karma and reincarnation are fundamental concepts of Buddhism. The impermanence of life as well as births and deaths are natural.
The death of one is the beginning of life for another. Only if one can overcome his/her ego and the fallacious illusions in the world can one understand and overcome the hardship of birth and death to attain the state of inner freedom and peace.
How can a person overcome the fallacious illusions and achieve the state of inner freedom and peace? Buddhist believes that even a person of bad karma can achieve the state of inner freedom and peace by practicing Buddhism.
Buddhism believes that all births and deaths happen for a cause. When a person is approaching his/her end of time, his/her family members should stay calm and quiet in front of that person for it will be painful when the soul leaves the body and that process will be smooth if left without any hinderance such as crying over or touching the body of the deceased. Buddhism believes that death is the beginning of life through reincarnation and the faith of the deceased is of utmost importance. If the deceased has strong faith towards Buddha, he/she will be able to be reborn in the land of Buddha and fellow Buddhists can assist the deceased in reinforcing that faith.

Through Buddhist worship ceremony, Buddhist monks may help reinforce reincarnation of the deceased to rest in peace.
Buddhist monks or nuns will also recite scriptures so as to feed hungry souls in the underworld to compensate their insatiable desire and bad karma and prevent them from hindering the deceased to head to the path of reincarnation.

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