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Other funeral items
Packet of blessing

In Chinese tradition, core family members of the deceased will provide every family member and friend attending the funeral a white packet of blessing (“吉儀”) which includes a candy, a tissue (used to be a handkerchief in the past) and a coin (typically a one-dollar coin).
The tissue is for wiping away tears of sorrow.
The sweetness of the candy helps alleviate the sadness of departure of the deceased.
The coin expresses the bereaved family’s gratitude for family and friends attending the funeral. There was also an old saying that the coin was for one taking a bus or tram ride (which was sufficient in the past) symbolic of leaving the sadness behind upon leaving the funeral.

Cloth of Condolence

Bereaved family members, in majority the sons, express their sadness and sorrow for their loss by hanging a cloth of condolence at the funeral.

The condolence oration differs for males and females and we will offer guidance on the appropriate choice of words.

Funeral Lantern

Chinese regards a person dying over the age of 80 of supreme blessing and his/her funeral is one worth smiling for rather than filling with sadness and sorrow. It is customary to hang a funeral lantern stating the name and age of the deceased at the entrance of the funeral hall to praise the longevity of one aged 60 or above.

Packet of completion

Red packets of completion (“纓紅利是”) may sometimes be mistaken by hero packets (“英雄利是”) in Chinese. In Chinese tradition, the family of the deceased can start decorate their home by hanging flowers and red ribbons after completing a funeral, namely “脫白” which carries the meaning of eradicating the white colour resembling death and funeral. While the white packet of blessing (“吉儀”) is distributed at the funeral, the red packet of completion (“纓紅利是”) is distributed upon finishing the funeral after the cremation or burial. The red colour represents good fortune and helps take away the sadness of the funeral. In modern days, a funeral is usually deemed completed upon finishing the funeral service at the crematorium or burial of the deceased at the cemetery at which the bereaved family will distribute red packets of completion to all family members and friends attending the funeral service, marking the completion of the funeral.

In Chinese tradition, red packets of completion contain cypress, a small strand of red rope, a red and green thread with needle, and a coin (typically a two-dollar coin) which are symbolic of good fortune. In modern days, the thread and needle might be skipped to reduce inconvenience.

Cypress: represents longevity
Red and green thread with needle: represents good fortune in the long run
Red rope: represents good fortune
Two-dollar coin: doubles the good fortune

In Hong Kong, the family of the deceased will usually arrange a feast of completion (“纓紅宴”) for family members and friends attending the cremation/burial service and distribute red packets of completion (“纓紅利是”) at the meal.

Unlike the white packet of blessing (“吉儀”) (which shall be disposed before returning home), one can keep the red packet of completion (“纓紅利是”) without limitation until the sorrow of the passing away of the deceased fades away.

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