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Shroud A shroud is a full set of clothes designated for the deceased upon burial. In Chinese tradition, a shroud is a symbol of long life.

Why is shroud necessary?

In Chinese tradition, people who died at or over the age of 60 shall deemed to have lived a life full of blessing and longevity.

Only such person will be eligible to wear a shroud upon burial. People who died below the age of 60 can wear his/her favourite clothes at burial and have an accompanying shroud as a funeral object.

A as a funeral object, a shroud can serve two purposes:

A shroud can be used symbolically upon the age of 60 of the deceased in the afterlife.

A shroud can be contributed to the ancestors of the deceased for gratitude.


Shrouds are made of different fabrics, styles and embroideries.

People of different municipalities may have unique preferences for the style of shroud.

The number of pieces of clothes of a shroud for male and female is different, typically plural for a male (belonging to “Yang”) and singular for a female (belonging to “Yin”).

We offer assistance to the bereaved family on specific guidelines for arranging shrouds for the deceased known by the trade.


The upper garment (上衣) and lower garment (下衣) are treated separately in a shroud. In ancient times, an emperor can wear 9 pieces of garments for a shroud and a government official can wear 7 pieces, whereas the rich and ordinary citizens can only wear 5 and 3 pieces respectively.


In modern day Hong Kong, a shroud is usually arranged in plural for men (5 upper garments and 3 lower garments) and singular for women (4 upper garments and 3 lower garments).

Floral-quilted shroud (Female)
Laurel green
Rose red
Bluish green
Lake blue
Gold crane-quilted shroud (Female)
Lake blue
Black with bat print b
Black with bat print
Box set
Men’s Suit Shroud (Male)
Supreme men’s suit shroud with coat
Supreme men’s suit shroud
Supreme men’s suit shroud a
Gold-quilted Shroud (Female)
Chocolate 359
Maroon 365
Black 360
Peari 354
Chocolate 352
Maroon 351
Lake blue 355
Black 353
Red 356
Chocolate 366
Maroon 367
Navy blue 368
Apricot 362
Red 369
Blue 371
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