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Longevity Quilt

There are different types of longevity quilt as tribute to the deceased from members of the family according to their religious preference. The quilts are typically embroidered with scripture, cross, longevity print, crane, etc. Quilts for deceased aged below 60 usually carry scripture or cross but not longevity print.

Descendant quilt
A descendant quilt is dedicated to the deceased by children, grandchildren and other descendant to express gratitude for the deceased.

Family Quilt
Direct family members, typically the eldest son of the deceased, will offer a family quilt to the deceased to represent union of the family.

Family-in-law Quilt
Family-in-law will offer a family-in-law quilt to pay respect to the deceased and their family.

Religious Quilt
We also offer quilts for various religious preference.

Blessing and longevity quilt
Buddha scripture quilt 1
Buddha scripture quilt 2
Crane quilt 1
Crane quilt 2
Emperor’s print quilt
Cross quilt 1
Cross quilt 2
Buddha lotus quilt (Red)
Buddha lotus quilt (Yellow)
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